Shipping & Handling

Your pack shipment

Printhead Wholesale undertakes every possible effort in order to make favorable deals with courier companies regarding shipping & handling terms and charges, that will benefit our customers. All available shipping options, including the relative customer charges, appear on the customer's screen before the order final confirmation, asking the customer to choose the shipping option that suits best his/her needs.

The currently available shipping options and the respective charges are as follows:

- FedEx
- AirMail
- Your Local courier

Please notice that for every product, the "Approximate shipping weight" based on which the shipping charges are calculated, appears at the top of the detailed information page for the specific product, following its price. Also, the same information appears cumulatively if you choose "Cart", for all the products that have been added in the cart so far.

It is our intention to ship all ordered products to our customers within the timeframe mentioned per product in our electronic shop, and even faster whenever this is feasible. However, in some rare occasions, there might be substantial delays in shipping time, due to unexpected conditions. In the event of such a case, we will try to communicate with the customer, inform him/her about the possible delay in executing the order and give him/her the opportunity to cancel the order, if he/she wishes to do so, refunding the amount that we might have already collected for executing the specific order.


(*) Please notice that orders shipped to countries outside the European Union may be subject to local Customs regulations and local import taxes that have to be handled by the buyer

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