Terms and conditions of use

In order for our electronic shop to operate in a proper and flawless way and process all requests in a timely and orderly manner as expected, a certain number of customer data is required. This data is entered by the customer himself on his/her free will.

Regarding the above data that are characterized as "personal data", Printhead Wholesale hereby affirms that collecting, maintaining and processing this data, is a task aiming solely in best servicing our customers and/or processing their orders that are entered in our electronic shop, resulting in benefiting the customer. It is explicitly stated that those data are not going to be used for any purpose other than the aforementioned.

Printhead Wholesale explicitly states that there is no intention whatsoever to share with third parties personal data that have been acquired through this process. This could happen only as a result of applying the Law or if required by the Authorities according to the Law.

In general, collecting and processing data that are designated as "personal data" will comply to the Law 2472/1997 for "Protection of the Individual from Processing of Personal Data" (FEK-? 50/1997) and to the decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.